Product Designer

  • Name‬
  • Valentino Baptista‬
  • Nationality‬‬
  • Portuguese‬
  • Age‬
  • 38 (12/02/1980)
  • Languages
  • Portuguese (native), English (proficient)

Hello. My name is Valentino and I'm a Product Designer.
My experience comes from more than 13 years of experience designing digital products for most of the existing industries.
I am used to work alone, in a design team or embeded in agile multidisciplinary teams.
I can move effortlessly between UX Research, UX Design, UI Design & UI Development. I recognize in myself the acquired ability to see beyond the visible, deconstruct problems and creatively isolate disruptive solutions.
My focus is 100% on the outcomes. My work process is flexible and fresh and I don’t have any “one-fits-all” approach. Instead I master a variety of tools, routines, principles, methods and philosophies that I request whenever justified.
Yet, here is a common pattern I tend to follow: I research, theorize, ideate, design - through a series of complex UX methodologies and UI best practices -, prototype, test and optimise.

From fashion to design

I started working as a model at the age of 16.
At my 19’s I went professional and traveled the world. I believe I owe most of my social skills to it. With my 26 I got my first paid freelancing and with 28 my first design job.
At the age of 34, I got my BA in Design and with 37 my Post Graduation in Digital Marketing.
Worker by day, student by night.

“In 2013 I was distinguished with the award for Best IADE University Student in the Design Course”.


I have a wonderful wife and two kids which I love more than anything. They push me forward.
Apart from singing, playing the guitar, boxing and drawing, I love to study design but also to learn about random stuff and to constantly challenge the status quo of almost everything: What can be improved? How would I do it?