Valentino Baptista

Product Designer

Hello. I'm a Winterthur based Product Designer with +10 years of experience.

I can move effortlessly between UX Research, Strategy & Design.

I am happy to work alone, with a Design or multidisciplinary team.
I'm used to directly collaborate with developers, marketers, or C-suite.

I am especially good at deconstructing problems, identifying key questions, creatively researching, and isolating the best solutions through a series of sophisticated UX methodologies.
I can craft engaging interfaces and semantic HTML / CSS.

I am focused on the outcomes, and therefore my work process is flexible and adaptable to the needs of each project. For this, I learn and practice a variety of tools, routines, and methods to then apply whenever justified.

From fashion to design

I started working as a model when I was 17, and at 19, I became a professional, having traveled the world for 8 years.

At 26, I got my first paid freelance design project, and at 28, my first job as a graphic designer. With 34, I graduated in Design, having been distinguished with the award for the "Best IADE Design Student", and 3 years later, I finished a post-graduation in Digital Marketing.


I have a wonderful wife and two kids, which I love more than anything. They push me forward.
Apart from singing, playing the guitar, boxing and drawing, I love to study Design but also to learn about random stuff and to continually challenge the status quo of almost everything: What can be improved? How would I do it?