David Pinheiro, CEO

Reported directly to him

Excellent Professional with great skills in web design, mainly UX and creativity. It's definitely someone I would recommend to be the head man of any design department.


Cristiana Barroso, Designer

Reported directly to me

Valentino is very creative with great ability to work, always available to learn new things. As creative director, the dedication given to the team resulted in the strong stimulus to constant learning, freedom of creation and, above all, autonomy.


Andreea Shitu, Traffic Manager

Worked directly with me

I’ve had the pleasure of working directly with Valentino ever since I joined the company over 3 years ago.
From the very beginning, Valentino proved to be very patient by thoroughly explaining how things worked in the creative department that he coordinated, setting the right expectations in terms of workflow, deadlines, and projects prioritizing.
Along the way, I always considered Valentino to be a role model in the way he trained, encouraged and motivated the team he managed, by always inspiring them to think outside the box regarding design tasks and contribute to their development through regular training and team brainstorming sessions.
Collaborating with Valentino on a daily basis made my work a lot easier as he was always available with advice in terms of Landing Page concept and UX.
With no doubt he exceeded the responsibilities of a typical designer, being the cornerstone of complex projects that required different approaches in terms of planning, design and user touch points. I think this is not only resumed to his personality, but also about his continuous study of the latest trends in the field, knowing he would always share with all departments inside the company.
Last but not least, I would say Valentino brought in the perfect balance between professionalism and quality sense of humor, which is essential during times of pressure, tight deadlines and overlapping projects.


Marco Schmid

Deep Impact Customer

"Hey Valentino, I absolutely love where you took us with the design and coloring it's more than fulfilling the contract you given this thing an identity thank you so much and I am looking forward to the things to come."