A brief overview of my Design process:

Hello Switzerland!


It all starts with a problem...


Get well-defined objectives, goals and KPI's.

Preliminary Research

Preliminary Research will give you some good insights on what difficulties you may encounter.

Secondary Data

Collect fast, affordable and accessible secondary data before start messing around...

Contextual research

Contextual research is sometimes key...

Competitor analysis

Competitor analysis: How are others tackling the same problems?
Let's say we want to plug it in the dark...?!

Design Thinking

Gather your team for some Design Thinking activities.
Get your empathic bow, put the user in the center of your target, shoot and stick some amazing ideas to the wall.

Scope and MVP

By the end of the Design Sprint, you will have a clear idea on how to promote a better user experience through the entire user journey.


Low fidelity wireframes will do just fine for now.

Lean UX

Thumbs up to Lean UX... Fail fast!
A bike is not a car. A bike is not a car. A bike is not a car.


Fix the problems and test it again. Iterate.


Let wife lead the mockups.

Usability tests

Conduct user testing sessions and observe users interacting with the new product. Record and take notes.

Release to Market

Release your MVP to the market and follow up closely.